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Just Say Yes
in Books, Innovation

Just Say Yes

I want to be a leader who encourages - rather than discourages - innovation. That means that the culture of our school has to be safe for all of us to take risks and make...

October 14, 2017
In Others' Words
in Innovation

In Others’ Words

Why is innovation in education so crucial today? I thought it would be interesting to synthesize my reading from the book with what others have to say about innovation's role not only in education but...

September 30, 2017
Massive Learning with #IMMOOC
in Books, Professional Growth

Massive Learning with #IMMOOC

I love book clubs. I love the contagious, anticipatory excitement of beginning a new book. I love the feeling halfway through the book when as a group you realize you’ve still got so much goodness...

September 22, 2017
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