Lovin’ the Blogs


Follow on BloglovinStaying up-to-date with the vast amount of online resources available – and that continue to be created every day – is quite a challenge. Twitter is great for reaching out for advice. Pinterest brings visual organization to my collection of online finds. And Facebook feeds me day-to-day details from family and friends.

Keeping up with the blogs that I follow isn’t as easy. Or, at least it was before I found www.bloglovin.com. With Bloglovin, I simply add the URLs of the blogs that I follow to my account. When new blog posts area added, Bloglovin scoops them up and adds them to my feed. I’ve set my account up so that I receive a daily update with summaries of all the new blog posts for that day. This allows me to pick and choose the posts that I want to read. Bloglovin works on my computer, my iPad, and my iPhone. Yep. I’m lovin’ the Bloglovin.


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