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im cover 3DI love book clubs. I love the contagious, anticipatory excitement of beginning a new book. I love the feeling halfway through the book when as a group you realize you’ve still got so much goodness left to read. I love the connections that seem to magically appear between the book (just about any book!) and our day-to-day lives. And I love the fellowship of a group focused on creating a shared experience around reading.

When a colleague recently shared that she had read and enjoyed The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros, I did a bit of research to learn more. Since I follow George on Twitter I discovered that he hosts a massive open online course (MOOC… or in this case, #IMMOOC) book study beginning soon that anyone could join. Since I haven’t participated in this type of online experience before, I’m looking forward to the new learning and new connections with educators that it will bring.

mooc graphic

As we read the book, there will be regularly scheduled podcasts of Google hangouts with guests discussing topics from the book. (Thank goodness they are recorded since the timing doesn’t work out for me to catch them live.) There are also Twitter chats. I’m challenged on the timing of these, too, so I’ll be catching up after. And they encourage everyone to blog using prompts based upon ideas from the book.

I’m looking forward to learning and growing with #IMMOOC!



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