No Foolin’


Our fifth grade teaching team got me on April Fool’s Day. Totally fooled me. Oh, how I underestimated their resourcefulness and craftiness!

My morning had been jam-packed with meetings from pretty much the moment I stepped on campus. At one point I had a few minutes when I returned to the elementary administration office to touch base. I thought it was odd that – before we set off for our bi-weekly meeting with the counseling team – our principal locked his office door behind him. But I really didn’t think twice about it.

When we returned to the office about an hour later, I noticed that the blinds were drawn on my office windows, and the glass door to my office was covered with paper. Covered from the inside. What in the world was going on? I asked our administrative assistant if she knew why my office was dark and closed up. She didn’t really respond; she was engrossed in her computer. I asked the principal if he knew what was happening. I was scared to open the door! So he opened it for me. And when he did I saw this…


and this…


My office had been wrapped. The fifth grade team had wrapped my office in blue paper in celebration of April Fool’s Day. And everything was individually wrapped. My desk. Chairs. Pictures. Books. Pen holders and coffee cups. Desktop knick knacks and a camel-shaped stool. Everything. Our principal had been in on it and made sure that the fifth grade team knew when I would be out of the office. Now I knew why he had locked his door when we left for our meeting!

What did I think? I thought it was one of the most awesome pranks ever. My favorite part was that the wrappings were signed with phrases such as, “Happy AF Day!” and “We ❤ you!” They totally made me feel like one of them, especially since this is my first year at our school. I love that they feel comfortable with me and already know me well enough to know that I would think this was all sorts of awesomeness.

The smile on my face lasted all day. So did the wrapping. How could I unwrap it when they had gone to so much trouble? Okay, so I did have to unwrap my chair because I kept sliding out of it, and I did need to use my telephone so I had to unwrap that, too. Everything else I left for the rest of the day. After all, I wanted everyone else to have a great laugh out of it, too.



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