Principals Get Real


We’ve been encouraging our elementary community – faculty and parents – to prioritize play in students’ lives. We believe in the power of play and the transformative effect it can have on all of our lives. Adults included! Play also figures prominently in our focus this year on shining as a joyful elementary school.

Before faculty and students returned from summer break, we thought it would be fun to show just how much we value play by making a video of what principals do when no one else is around. We shared the video with our faculty and staff at our first elementary divisional meeting and we also shared it with all 800 of our elementary students are our first school wide assembly.

Without further ado, here’s what it looks like when principals get real!


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  1. Awesome summation of I think what we want in our schools! How is it that we keep cranking out teachers that teach the old ways? I just hope we can continue to share this experience and set it up as the “new way” to learn for all! Open dialogue, self discovery, questioning what we do, and doing it different!

  2. Often times those leading the way of innovation have some AMAZING reminders to those starting out. I thoroughly enjoyed your answers by using famous quotes. Those who have innovated and know what hard work, dedication, and being wrong are the keys to making a change.

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