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One of the (many) things that I love about our school is the emphasis on the use of technology as a tool for learning. And I love that one of the ways that our faculty and staff learn about tech is from each other!

Perfect example? This week we’ll have a school wide speed geeking session for all faculty from kindergarten to twelfth grade. I’ve been asked to do a presentation and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been playing around quite a bit lately with photo editing apps on my iPhone, so I decided to use that as inspiration for my presentation. The title of my preso is, “4 Photo Editing Apps in 4 Minutes.” You can see my presentation above.

Sidenote: I used Haiku Deck to create the presentation. It’s my first time using Haiku Deck, and the best way I can describe it is that it’s like Instagram for presentations. I’m really digging it!

Are you wondering what speed geeking is and why my presentation is only four minutes long? Just think of it as a type of speed dating, but getting to know a new set of tech tools is the end goal instead of getting to know a new soul mate. We’ll meet in the elementary school gym to go through two rotations of tech presentations, with each rotation lasting approximately 30 minutes. There will be 23 tables set up with a different faculty presenter at each table. Each presenter will give five 4-minute presentations to groups of six faculty members.

Since I’ll be presenting to such a small group, I’ll  use my laptop and my iPhone as presentation tools, and I have some handouts that I’ll give to each attendee, too. (The handouts are bookmarks that I created with the title of the presentation on the front and quick notes about the four apps on the back. You can see the bookmarks in the images below.) Our job as a presenter is to “sell” the tech tool we’re showing, not train on how to use it. If anyone is interested in learning more, they will go to their tech integrator for training later.

I’m really looking forward to sharing ways that I use technology with our faculty. The four apps that I’m presenting – and that I use often and highly recommend – are:

As a former Director of Technology at an independent school in the U.S., I’ve seen firsthand the  learning about technology happens best among teachers when that learning is authentic, personal, and relevant. With this speed geeking model, I think we’ll hit all three.


Front of bookmark that attendees will be given


Back of bookmark


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