Summer PD on the B-I-N-Go


I learn so much from my Twitter feed, and I find quite a bit of inspiration on it as well. A few days ago I came across a fun idea from Amber Teamann (principal of Whitt Elementary in Wylie, Texas) and Melinda Miller (principal of Willard East Elementary outside of Springfield, MO). They created a PD Bingo card to motivate their teachers to keep learning over the summer. They aligned the bingo activities with their campus and state learning initiatives. While their teachers are not required to participate, they will be offering incentives for those who complete the challenge.

Inspired by their bingo card, I developed one for our faculty and staff. Since we’ve been talking quite a bit about self-care and mindfulness this year, I incorporated several activities that encourage teachers to take care of themselves in addition to the more PD-oriented ideas. There are also activities that invite teachers to begin thinking and planning for their return to school in the fall. I hope our teachers enjoy it and that they’re as inspired as I was.


Thank you for the inspiration, Amber and Melinda!


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