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Our extremely talented technology integration coaches put together a tech-oriented PD session this afternoon after school. For the first hour teachers attended one of seven “deep dive” sessions where they explored a topic and had time for hands-on experiences. These sessions were led by faculty and the tech coaches. Topics included:

  • ActiveInspire + Splashtop Whiteboard = Engaging and Efficient EDM lessons, Grades 3-5
  • e-Presentations from Everyday Math w/Remote Access! K-2
  • Introduction to ActivInspire (Using those “ePresentations” that come with EDM)
  • Hot Potatoes! Setup self-graded, online activities for learning and formative feedback on your Haiku page
  • Using a Guided Presentation with Your Students: Introducing Nearpod
  • Learn How to Make an E-book Using the My Story, ScribblePress & Book Creator Apps
  • Designing Your Own Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Amazing choices, right? As the cherry on top of our PD sundae, we came back together as a large group for a tech slam. Four of us gave short (as in 2-3 minute) presentations on a tech topic of our choice. We could either present live or make a video for our topic. I chose to make a video about Smore, a nifty service for creating online flyers that can easily be shared.

When I think about opportunities for professional growth, those that require deep thinking and reflection can be extremely rewarding. And sometimes, like today, those that are quick and easy can be just as satisfying.


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